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Ensure your loved ones financial commitments are taken care of after you've gone!

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Life insurance provides peace of mind, knowing your family will be financially stable after you pass away. It means your loved ones receive financial help when they can no longer rely on your income or salary.

Pay-outs from life insurance are often used to continue mortgage payments, clear debts or simply cover everyday expenses. Some people will use the money to pay for a funeral in instances where funds have not been set aside.

Life Insurance FAQ's

What’s covered by life insurance?

If you have a partner or family who would struggle to cope financially if you died, life insurance is certainly recommended.

It will provide the help they need during a very emotional time.
If you’re single and have no dependents, you may not need life insurance, because no one else is relying on your income for life’s essentials.

The amount covered by life insurance is referred to as the “sum insured”. life insurance can differ for each family depending on the circumstances.

For instance, if you’re married with four children and have a large mortgage, you’ll undoubtedly need more cover than a single parent who has one child and a two-bedroom flat.

It’s accepted that ten times your salary or income is a sufficient amount to be insured, but everyone’s circumstances are different. This is why we advise making detailed calculations to ensure everything is covered.

The premium you pay for life insurance will depend on the amount you’re insuring. 

The risk of making a claim is (for example, if you have a dangerous job and) the type of policy.

Age can be a big factor as life insurance is often more expensive if you’re older. If you’re in poor health, you may also find that you’re asked to pay a higher premium due to higher risk.

When you speak to insurers about life insurance, expect them to take into account your lifestyle, occupation, hobbies and level of fitness when they work out a premium for you. 

They may even check your postcode, because you’re deemed more likely to make a claim if you live in certain areas within the UK.

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Why Is Life Insurance Important

Life insurance is important as it can be used to protect your family after death. For example, it can cover your mortgage and your personal debts, such as a car loan. 

If you choose to do so, your individual life insurance can follow you throughout your whole life, even after retirement, when employers insurances may expire. 

Dependent on your circumstances and personal choices, life insurance policies may be written into trust ,which may provide tax savings.

Buying a new home

If you die before your mortgage is repaid, responsibility to complete payments falls upon someone you love. Life insurance allows you to be proactive about meet financial commitments after you’ve passed.


If you’ve recently become married and joined families and assets, it can make life easier to know you are both covered if one of you were to die. Life insurance enables you to make financial contributions to your partner’s well-being after you’ve departed. It is a beautiful way to honour your marriage vows.


Just married

The cost of raising a child is expensive, even before considerations like child care or university contributions. There are policies available that run until your child reaches maturity to protect your children


Having children

Funeral costs are often expensive, with special requirements increasing financial burden on families. Life insurance could help to pay off this cost. Contributions for this type of life cover tend to be smaller than others as the payout is significantly lower.


Planning a funeral

Inheritance tax has become unpopular for those intending to leave money for their children once they die. Bills can run into tens of thousands of pounds, which can make a significant decrease in your children’s inheritance. However, if you were to buy a life insurance policy that covered the tax bill, they could enjoy everything you intended them to receive.


Inheritance tax

Getting older is a fact of life, and has a tendency to make us reflect. If you are eldery, in poor health or in any above scenarios, financial security of your next generation will trouble your mind. Life insurance provides peace of mind knowing that those left behind are protected.


Financial secure children

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[1] Base on a 25 year old Male £85,000 Life Cover over 15 year term (as of 7th April 2021) 


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